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      Fiberglass pools are the popular alternative to gunite pools. Superior Pools & Spas is a Viking Pools dealer. Viking pools are built for strength and design to perform. These fiberglass shells are made from the highest grade fiberglass and ceramic materials, and undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process. This results in a pool that is durable as it is beautiful. With fiberglass pools, there is no need to resurface. Further, all Viking Fiberglass Pools come with a lifetime guarantee and many different color options. 

      Fiberglass pools are sometimes preferred as the surface contains no pores, where algae and other bacteria are likely to form quickly. Due to it being less porous, less chemicals are typically used in such a pool. Less chemicals means less money spent on products. Its smooth surface coating also allows for an easy clean when brushing. Viking provides many great designs for pools and spas, we encourage those interested in fiberglass pools to view Viking Pools website. 

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